Hello! :D

Hi there! Cheers for having a peek at the Drixxel Soft dev blog, really appreciate you coming by. There’s a ton of stuff I’ve been wanting to blog about since the arrangement with my previous team came to a close in 2018 – the games industry, retro gaming history, the crap I’m working on, etc. – so good gravy, it’s high time to make with the words and put ’em public-like.

On the historical front, something awesome from earlier this year you might find interesting (if you’re into the 16-bit era at all) is the release of a particular SNES prototype by the name of Special Tee Shot. I’d found an unusual cartridge at a local pawn shop and later realized it was an undumped proto of the game that would later become Kirby’s Dream Course. With the help of a fellow in a nearby city and a gentleman in France, we got the ROM dumped and into a presentable state. To make the release a little weightier, I wrote up a decently thorough history of the thing, and SNES Central was kind enough to host both the article and the ROM. Read/download that here: https://snescentral.com/article.php?id=0037

Anyways, we’ll see about getting into a regular routine of posting updates about the stuff I’m cooking up. There’s an expanded standalone of the Knight’s Dungeon puzzle mode in Gigachess that’s coming together at a brisk pace, Eight.Domino.Heart is a chill logic puzzle game built around (you guessed it) dominoes that’s quite far along, there’s this hex grid maze thing with a graphing calculator aesthetic I’m sitting on, and so on. In addition, a bunch of weird prototypes are in varying states of completion, not the least of which is a psychological horror point-and-click adventure my brother & I are hoping to get serious about. Anyone who chooses to take an interest in any of that, well jeez, that’s super cool of you 🙂

Thanks again for paying a visit and keep on truckin’,

  • Trevor (Drixxel)


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