The Joy of Palettes

To yammer on one moment longer about Columns, there’s something undeniably eye-catching about the game and it obviously has a lot to do with an abundance of colour. The arcade/Genesis/MD version really excels in this area with rich palette selections for not just the jewels but also the backgrounds & interface, and as far as […]


Shout-out to Columns

Stacking puzzlers: they’re some of the best and most recognized video games out there. Gimmick-laden or streamlined to the max, numerous novel concepts have been built upon the foundation of “2D well where variety of objects collect” following the 1984 arrival of Tetris. “Tetris clone” as a dismissive description for any non-Tetris stacking puzzler is […]

Hello! :D

Hi there! Cheers for having a peek at the Drixxel Soft dev blog, really appreciate you coming by. There’s a ton of stuff I’ve been wanting to blog about since the arrangement with my previous team came to a close in 2018 – the games industry, retro gaming history, the crap I’m working on, etc. […]